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What is SizeGenetics

My Unbiased SizeGenetics Extender Review with Pictures

SizeGenetics uses the most advanced traction technology that offers over DOUBLE the tension strength of other brands (2,800g) making it one of the most high powered devices of it’s kind.

Why is it so popular? Well, for one it’s been recommended by many of doctor’s clinics around the world as the first choice option for male enhancement as opposed to surgery.

Why Sizegenetics Just Plain Works…

INDEPENDENT PROOF THAT THIS NON-SURGICAL METHOD WORKS has been published by the British Association of Urological Surgeons and reported in the news worldwide including the Daily Mail Online.

SizeGenetics Was Featured in GQ Magazine (UK) Sept 2017

One of the editors of GQ Magazine wrote an article on his SizeGenetic Reviews Pictures  after gaining going from 6.5 inches to 7.3 inches in length within 4 months! A pretty solid effort!

GQ Magazine Reporter James Mullinger Gained Almost ONE INCH In Just 4 months Just By Using Sizegenetics!

The Magic Behind SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics works by the penis in a constant state of tension by pulling it away from the body triggering growth using the principal of traction. Traction causes the penis tissues to breakdown which causes the penis cells multiply to deal with the damage, just like body building.

Traction has been used for over 8,000 years as a natural approach to growing various body parts to amazing lengths used historically by tribes in the Amazons, Africa, and Birmania.

Since traction is a natural technique, it’s safe and it delivers real results in a matter of months.

The great thing about using this approach is that that if you’re committed enough to put in the time enough the Gains can be IMMENSE…To The Point Where You Actually Have To Stop Using It!

What I Love About Sizegenetics

I’ve used this device myself for a number of years and I LOVE IT!

To find out if this it’s right for you then check out the Pros & Cons here below:

What’s Great About Sizegenetics:

  • 100% Backed By Clinical Studies – Recommended by doctors to their patients and clinically proven to work.
  • Most Comfortable Device On The Market – 58 Way Ultimate Comfort System. Even when you crank up the tension to the max it’s still very comfortable to have on and very safe to use.
  • Superior MEDICAL GRADE Materials – This is a highly durable type 1 Medical Device that’s made to last for many years of use and will outlast any other extender on the market.
  • Way More Effective & SAFER Than Surgery – You get the same results as surgery without any of the costs or the risks associated.
  • Grow Your Penis Or Double Your Money Back Guarantee – The people at Sizegenetics believe in their product so strongly that they will refund you double the purchase price if you use it as directed and it doesn’t work.
  • Best Selling Device For Over 20 Years – SizeGenetics has been the best selling device on the market for over two decades now. If It’s been around this long on the market that means people are obviously happy with the results.
  • Super Helpful 24/7 Customer Support – The customer support is first class and will answer any questions that you may have.

What’s Not So Good:

  • Results don’t happen overnight – You will notice an increase in erection strength right away but must wear the device for at least a few months to see the gains in length & girth as seen in the pictures above.
  • Results can vary – depending on the individuals lifestyle choices and usage time. With proper usage you will see gains 100% of the time.
  • You can’t urinate with it on – Take a piss before you use it and try not to drink too much water as you have to take the device off if you want to go to the bathroom.
  • You have to take it off every 4 hours – You will need to to take it off every so often to help replenish blood flow – this is normal though with all extenders.
  • Cost $$$ – We all want a cheap & easy fix but you do get what you pay for…device of the highest quality that works well and is built to last.


Click on the image to see user results with before & after images on the official product website

Why Sizegenetics Is The #1 Best Selling Penis Extender?

In a word – It’s COMFORT!



You’re being wearing this device for  hours over a few months at a time so it only makes sense that you want to be wearing something that’s really comfortable.

You can try it Risk Free With The 100% Money Back Guarantee.

The deal is you pay for it upfront then try it for 6 months. If you don’t see any gains you’ll be given a full refund, sounds fair enough right?

The Different Packages Available

#1 – The Value Pack Price: ($199.95)

The 1st pack is the cheapest option and contains the bare essentials you will need to get started.

The Cheapest Option But Gives You What You Need To Get Started including;

  • The Sizegenetics Extender – Type 1 medical Device
  • Elongation bars – 1 Inch and 2 Inch.
  • The 58 Way Comfort Strap & Pad
  • How To Use Sizegenetics DVD

Cost: The bare essentials pack is a good choice to get started if you’re on a budget and allows you start growing your penis without any of the other bonuses for only $199.95!

#2 – The Total Comfort Pack ($249.95)

An upgraded package that will give you faster gains.

What you get is the:

  • The Sizegenetics extender – type 1 medical device
  • The unique 58 Way total comfort attachment.
  • 3 sets of lengthening bars (various sizes) and loads of different spare parts
  • The Sizegenetics custom leather case.
  • How to use SizeGenetics DVD

Remember:  The comfort pack represents great value for just $249.95!

#3 – The Ultimate Package ($299.95)

The Ultimate Package is the dearest option but it’s also the bestselling package because it includes all you need for effective comfortable, simple, easy to use penis enlargement!

The pack includes everything that the 2nd pack has but you also get a huge range of bonus items, such as:

  • The Sizegenetics extender – type 1 medical device
  • The 58 Way comfort attachment system with the unique 3 way head piece and other head-piece attachments
  • Maximum 2300 grams of gentle tension using MDA technology.
  • Penis moisturizer cream for after use and a container of traction powder.
  • How to use Sizegenetics DVD + LoveCentria Better Sex DVD & Fitness Ebook
  • FREE antibacterial wipes and loads of spare parts.
  • Free Access To PenisHealth™ Training program online (Worth $95.00)
  • A FREE lockable leather travel case with its own custom key.

Important: You also get FREE delivery plus a Velcro strap included as well to make the device even more comfy to wear. You can get all great gear for just $398.95!

What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

Bottom Line: Expect to make significant permanent GAINS IN BOTH LENGTH & GIRTH if you’re willing to use the device regularly over several months.

SizeGenetics has been subject to medical studies and has been clinically proven to enlarge you penis by as much as 30%

The study found that subjects who wore the extender for 1100 hours under 1200 grams of traction force grew an average of 1.1 inches in erect length and 0.75 inch in flaccid length.

How To Use SizeGenetics?

Sizegenetics is very easy and comfortable to use all you need to do is simply;

  • Insert your penis into the device.
  • Put the comfort strap on.
  • Adjust the strap so that it holds tight but comfortably against your penis with the lip positioned right under your glans.
  • Make some small adjustments on the bars to create the right tension.

Sizegenetics will then extend your penis to its maximum length and create traction and ultimately penis growth.

The studies performed on Sizegenetics recommend a usage time of 5 hours per day.

FYI: SizeGenetics is super comfortable to wear in your everyday life whether it’s at home or at work and after a while you’ll forget you even have it on!

Money Back Guarantee

SizeGenetics comes with a full 6 month money back guarantee so you always have the option of sending it back if for some unlikely reason it doesn’t work for you.

Customer Support

The customer service is top first class unlike some other male enhancement vendors that give you NO WAY to contact them if something goes amiss. Any questions or queries feel free to give them a call on- 1-800-209-1670.

Postage and Handling

If you’re in the USA your order will be posted via (DHL/USPS) with tracking.

If you’re in the UK or overseas your order will be shipped from England – shipping is fast and you can track your order.

Your Sizegenetics should arrive within 7 working days in a discreet, plain unmarked box.


My Personal Advice

“SizeGenetics is WITHOUT A doubt the most comfortable extender I’ve ever used!” Dale Turner

I’ve tried other extenders in the past & found them really uncomfortable to wear (loads of pinching) and they would come off at awkward moments (like one time when I was at the mall).

When you had them on I found it really hard to walk around and do everyday stuff so I ended up tossing it in the trash.

Your penis extender is going to be part of your daily routine so it shouldn’t be a burden to wear.

Keep in mind if you use Sizegentics you’re going to have to wear it for a minimum of 4 hours per day, obviously more if you want to see faster results.

A good extender will be easy to put on and take off say after you have been to the toilet.

It should feel comfortable to wear if you’re walking around your house, sitting in front of your computer or if you kneel down to pick up something off the floor…you know the everyday stuff.

So again I can’t stress that enough how important comfort is because It doesn’t matter how committed you are with penis enlargement. if the device is hurting you then you’re not going to use it for very long and you’ll get nowhere.

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